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Finding the attackers

Possibly a slight over the top description of what I found while doing some housekeeping on my main orchestras website. I keep track of the statistics of visitors to, on a monthly basis I download them to a spreadsheet and draw a couple of graphs to convince myself that I’m doing something.

Whilst doing this I wandered down to some of the more abstruse statistics that are kept for my site, specifically the “required but not found” URLs section (i.e. all the ones that generate a 404 response code). This is helpful to see if anyone has any links pointing to the site that are out of date, or in this case spots an incorrect reference I had on the site itself. While doing this it’s interesting to see what ELSE people are looking for on the site.

The vast majority that aren’t simple mistakes are actually links that would exist were my site to be powered by WordPress. I imply this to mean that they belong to “people” looking for vulnerabilities. This seems to reinforce my earlier experiences trying to run my own hosted WordPress site – it’s simply quite difficult because nefarious actors are ALWAYS probing. Interesting.