I’m a sixty-something guy who used to work for an IT vendor, who enjoys playing the bassoon, brewing beer and listening to music. I’m hoping this place will be somewhere I can enjoy some catharsis from the strange world of IT buyers and sellers by commenting on what I experience. I’d also like to mix it with some more positive views of music, and who knows maybe some topics that connect the two together

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  1. Lennie on

    Who is this IT vendor who enjoys plaing the bassoon?

  2. Rob Collinson on

    I like your Gallery

    You have some images of paintings by Phoebe Sholto Douglas

    Phoebe was my mother-in-law’s Godmother

    Many of her paintings feature m wife as a child

    Where did you find those images?


    • Will P on


      I found a painting by a Mrs P Douglas in my attic last week. It is called Silent Pool, and I really like it.

      Chuck us an email, mr R Collinson, and i’ll send you a picture of it.

      All the best, Will Parsons.

  3. Antony on

    Hi Rob

    Did Phoebe ever teach at a school in Kent .


  4. tim on

    YES…Bethany school,,Goudhurst.I was a pupil and friend…I have many of her works Tim 01732 529637

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