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Talking to nobody

I’ve recently started listening to a couple of podcast streams which have been both entertaining and informative. It’s yet another manifestation of social media to go along with Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc etc. I’ve always preferred the written side and not video or voice. It seems to me at least that 5 minutes of video information can be absorbed in less than a minute of text, and rewinding back an forth to find the bit you need later is much harder than finding the right page in the book.

However, I think I’m rapidly becoming a minority. I prefer the long lasting to the ephemeral nature of modern social media. So here in this blog I’m literally* talking to nobody. The stats say so.

* a favourite modern word.

Where is the music?

As I write this, nearly every form of collective music-making has fallen victim to the ongoing health crisis that is engulfing the world. Of course the mere thought of blowing one’s germs over the other members of the orchestra and the audience is only the most obvious first thought! As we hunker down, perhaps this is an opportunity to practise that piece that you’ve always been promising to get under your fingers, or composing that music that has been dying to get out for years.

For me, it’s Barber’s “Summer Music” that has never QUITE made it to the top of the list to spend time on, and in the hope that I will be going on a chamber music course in August, that’ll be my first option. I’ve also got a number of wind quintets in score-only form that I could transcribe and extract some parts for (out of copyright, natch), so there’s something to occupy me musically. In fact I’ve started transcribing the quintet by Erwin Landvai, a set of theme and variations. As always once I start it quickly consumes me, and my rarely exercised Sibelius skills mean it’s a bit of a slow process…

STOP PRESS: Have been invited to perform at a concert in September too, so time to brush up for that as well!