Not So Background Music

It may be something to do with my age, but one thing guaranteed to have me wound up is spoken content with background music.

Just WHY?

If you really want someone to listen to what you’re saying, why distract them with music? As a part-time musician it’s particularly annoying because I can’t concentrate on the music either, because some is speaking over it. (And do you remember those radio DJ’s who used to talk over the interesting instrumental introductions…?)

If you are trying to get your message across in a podcast, for example, PLEASE don’t put background music through the whole piece – I’m talking to you, I had to unsubscribe since I couldn’t get the message with the incessant BACKGROUND MUSIC.

I know we have to give musicians and composers living, but put the music in the section breaks or the introduction and play-out NOT during the actual talking. Sheesh

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