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It’s that time again..

..for another blog entry just to keep up the average of nearly 3 a year 🙂

As I mentioned in my last blog post nearly two years ago sometimes having a “foot in many camps” means that actually some of the camps get a bit neglected. Perhaps 2014 should be the year in which we decide WHICH camps we’re still going to stay in? The easy availability of so many sources of information, entertainment and commerce on the internet certainly encourage a magpie-like approach which requires quite strong self-control to avoid. I don’t have that sort of self control short of turning off my computer and walking away. Yes, I still have a “computer” and I still sit at a desk despite having access to the more mobile forms of technology. Possibly it’s an age-related thing that means that the two large screens on my desk are more attractive to my be-spectacled optics than the smaller screen real-estate presented by the phone and tablet.

So has anything fundamental changed in the last year in my relationship with software and music? Actually probably not. I’m still happy playing the bassoon, and I increasingly use electronic copies of music to play from when at home – the libraries of the International Music Score Library Project provide a valuable resource for rehearsal material of the orchestral music I typically play. I have acquired a Nexus 7 – fabulous piece of technology in its own right – but for quite a lot of the time it doubles as a (albeit high-function) alarm clock, replacing a Joggler that died. Probably the most significant piece of technological change for me was the new camera, I have jumped ship from a Canon DSLR to the estimable Olympus Micro-Four-Thirds format EM5. Has my photography significantly changed though? Again, actually not, although the improvement in size & weight mean that I tend to take the camera with me more often.

A year of incremental improvement then? Certainly. I’d love to say the same about all of the software deployed where I work, but, well, a supertanker takes a long time to turn. Oh, and there’s the new car too which probably contains more software than all my previous ones put together. Has it made it any better to drive? Possibly not, but then I’m relatively undemanding in my requirement for a car – I like it to start, go, and stop with as little drama as possible. Which it does.

Looking forward to 2014!