Happy New 2007

As always, I’m a bit of a slow starter here, or it could be I’ve just not thought of many things to say. This week, however, I’ve stumbled on something to do with both software and music. Finding reliable music lyrics seems to be a bit more of an art than a science. For one thing performers rarely stick faithfully to the original lyrics anyway, and for another there is the slightly murky world of the copyright on lyrics which means you get “mangled” versions to attempt to avoid that. Into this has come (some months ago, it is true) LyricWiki which is fashioned in a style similar to WikiPedia, but with some special, easy to use, templates that allow consistency of presentation. Of course it’s not perfect (I’ll muse on that later), but with an API and a SOAP interface (and some code that can use it) it does look as if it might do for lyrics what CDDB did for album contents (just don’t ask about Classical music…).

Oh, and Judie Tzuke starts a UK tour next month – I’ve finally managed to get a ticket and plan to go!


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  1. Desktopjunk on

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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