Tabbed browsing

Aaaaah! I was just composing a nice little entry about software and music when I killed my browser session by clicking on the wrong “X”. I was using the tabbed browsing in Firefox and wanted to close one of the tabs, and instead of which I closed the whole browser. Not only that but I responded incorrectly to the prompt helpfully thrown up by WordPress to try and stop me deleting my work. Naturally I didn’t read the whole message box and assumed that “Cancel” meant “Cancel the stupid act of closing the browser” when in fact it meant “Cancel out of everything. Now.” Oh well. I’ll get back to the other post later. Maybe. I do like tabbed browsing, I really do. I just happen to prefer the way it’s done in Opera than Firefox, which gives you the option of putting the tab closure “X” on the tab itself. I expect you can in Firefox, I just haven’t discovered it yet.

And I REALLY, REALLY like the shortcuts for forward and backward pages in Opera – “z” and “x”. I have these so ingrained in my consciousness that I get upset when nothing happens in Firefox if I do the same thing. Well, something does happen, I go into search mode and try to find and z’s and x’s on the page.

Isn’t software great?


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